How to use AWS API with DRUPAL. All about the integration.

Proposed by How to use AWS API with DRUPAL. All about the integration.

We know that Amazon Web Service (AWS) provides flexible compute, storage, and database services, making it an ideal platform to run Drupal workloads. And we get into situations where we have to integrate these services with our drupal application. From uploading/fetching media from S3 bucket to getting information about EC2 Instance. We have modules contributed for such tasks in but what if we have to integrate a new service (Cloudwatch, Cloud Trail, etc) for which a contributed module does not exist.  In this session, we are going to learn how to use AWS API to integrate with any service in Drupal. This includes: 1. How to get started with AWS SDK, prerequisites and installing AWS SDK. 2. Configuring SDK and various ways of setting/using credentials. 3. Using AWS Services. 4. Code Examples via a custom module. Learning Objects: By the end of the session, you would be able to integrate any AWS service with Drupal Target Audience: Drupal Backend Developers.

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04/25/2020 14:45 (Asia/Manila)
1 hour
Room A